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            The following listings are in the form of PDF files that you can open and read, print out, or download from this Web Page.

     These PDF files give an indepth discussion of the subjects listed, so that you will come to know God's True Word as spoken by God and written by the Prophets of God in the Books of the Bible.


God's Creation, PDF, Click here: Last update 03.29.2015

Lesson 1: Getting to know God: Last update 04.18.2015

Lesson 2: The Ten Commandments: Last update 04.18.2015


Lesson 3: The Fourth Commandment: The Lords Sabbath: Last update 05.16.2015

Lesson 5: God's Covenants: Last update 05.16.2015

Lesson 6: Revealing Satan's Lies: Last update 05.16.2015

Lesson 7: Keep My Commandments: Last update 05.16.2015

Lesson 8: God's Morality: Last update 05.16.2015

Lesson 12: Sunday Sabbath: Last update 05.18.2015

Lesson 15: Satan through History: Last update 06.18.2016

Lesson 17: Time Line Prophecies: Last update 06.18.2016

Lesson 18: Rise of the anti-Christ: Last update 06.18.2016

Lesson 22: The Two Gospels: Last Update 06.24.2016

Lesson 24: Judgment of the Harlot: Last update 08.06.2016

Lesson 26: Two Witness of God: Last update 08.06.2016

Lesson 28: Pre-War Prophecies: Last update 10.31.2016

Lesson 29: Beginning of Sorrows: Last Update 10/31/2016

The Dream: Last Update 08.04.2013